About Us

"Finding Happiness Through Sufferance"

Two Friends and Teammates decided to create a community to push each other forward as well as other individuals to strive for better lives. At La Mala Vida, we will help individuals stay away from darkness (all types of addictions, depression, anxiety, etc) and step into the light. We, at La Mala Vida will be building a community with like-minded individuals to encourage one another to make positive shifts in our lives. La Mala Vida will be using the proceeds to help sponsor athletes start their Martial Arts journey's (via Jiu Jitsu, Boxing or Muay Thai). We, at La Mala Vida are not just selling shirts, we are building a community of support for one another. Plus the apparel is cool too. Helps us kickstart our journeys!  

Everyone strives for success but many settle for comfort. Stay tune and follow our journey!